More Violent Days Are To Come (OS​.​012)

by Cocoon

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    original artwork and texts by Labomatic & Cocoon
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Ice 02:42
Firedamp 03:33
Supa 03:51
The Chain 04:29
Threat 01:13
Catkiller 04:14
Tout Est Là 05:19
Time One Two 03:50


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All titles written and mixed by Christophe Demarthe
(except "Catkiller", mix by Mathieu Farnarier)

Vocals & machines, Christophe Demarthe
Voices on "L'œil de chat", Félicia Atkinson & Léa Lescure
(L'œil de chat in Histoire de l'œil by Georges Bataille)
Guitars, Nicolas Demarthe
"Radiophonie clandestine", a mix concept by Bruno Lajara (Clandestine by Cocoon vs Radiophonie n°3 by Sylvain Chauveau)

Mastering, Norscq
Cover design, Labomatic
Triptyches, Cocoon
Photos, rights reserved

Many thanks to Félicia Atkinson, Jean-Guillaume Belouin, Pierre Beloüin, Sylvain Chauveau, Nicolas Demarthe, Mathieu Farnarier, Bruno Lajara, Nicolas Ledoux, Léa Lescure, Jean-Louis Morgère.

Avec le soutien du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Alsace.

Optical Sound | OS.012 | 2005

Buy the limited edition CD including 8 in-folios


"Christophe Demarthe, formerly from experimental renegades Clair Obscur, makes terse statements on the nature of power and sexuality on his debut Cocoon release. Loops are kept hard and jagged, overt references to Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye are inserted; alienation makes itself known."
Ken Hollings, February 2006


"More violent days are to come présente un chemin plus sombre, plus engagé vers une électronica mélancolique au minimalisme stupéfiant de radicalité, portée par des nappes sonores obsessionnelles et envahie d’un souffle post-industriel insistant et retournant par moments au post-rock (…) Sans conteste, la beauté de ce Cocoon se révèle abrupte et abrasive" / "More violent days are to come presents a darker path, more engaged towards a melancholic electronica with an astoundingly radical minimalism, born by obsessive sonorous layers and invaded by an insistent post-industrial breath and going back at time to post-rock (...) Unquestionably the beauty of this Cocoon reveals itself abrupt and abrasive"
Léa Lescure, January-March 2006


"More violent Days are to come, un album miraculeusement cohérent dans sa diversité." / "More violent Days are to come, an album miraculously coherent in its diversity."
Jean-François Micard, November 2005


"Christophe Demarthe est un passeur. Avec l’appui des voix de Félicia Atkinson et Léa Lescure, c’est Georges Bataille qu’il offre à ses auditeurs (« L’œil De Chat ») et, si « Les assiettes, c’est fait pour s’asseoir », alors les oreilles, c’est fait pour voir."
Sylvaïn Nicolino, December 2005


"a really good and an unusual album came to us from france. the record is called More Violent Days to Come and it was released by Optical Sound label. Christophe Demarte, signed here as a Cocoon, presents 17 of his songs, and what's unusual about them is that almost every song is the story on it's own. completely different stuff and the wide range of interests - from Fennesz like ambient electronica to fast and energetic guitar themes. it might seem that this record is mor e of a V.A. compilation then an album from one author, but what's in common to all songs on it is that - they are all good!"
10 January 2006
released 01 January 2005


released August 23, 2005


all rights reserved



Optical Sound France

Optical Sound is a hybrid and atypical, furtive and mobile structure that draws its own boundaries between experimental music and contemporary art. Long before the musicians' exodus to the more inviting regions of the visual arts - record crisis compels and insatiable thirst for novelty - Optical Sound has been working since 1997 on interdisciplinary mixing
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