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Merry Go round (OS​.​014)

by Bidibop

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Krop 04:22
Holiday 06:10
02 holiday there are stars in your eyelid you stretch and laugh as a kid now you are on holiday merging with every sun ray birds are singing good morning miming them as if you were flying
Blossom 05:37
05 merry go round tonight that’s me you found near the merry-go-round just one word from your lips would tell what your heart keeps colored lights above you are drawing your hair a rainbow… can’t hide glittering sounds fleeing from my heart bounds please catch one and hold it tight at least till the end of night
Double 04:35
06 double going out tonight, having some fun to share with my friends meetin’ in a coffee, we drunk much more than we were supposed to then we went to a club and we started to dance like showroom dummies like broken dummies rapidly we got fed up with all this show going out from there, having some rest to share with my friends walkin down city, following all the lights showin’ us the way then we said goodbye, party is already over i can’t sleep tonight, having too much happiness in my mind
Moon 05:30
07 moon i will fly to the moon hanged to my giant balloon filled with all the dreams i’ve had oh yeah i am so so glad to do that so long trip to the moon don’t cry, i’ll be back soon i will fly through the space i’ve always heard that’s a nice place filled with all our glittering souls oh yeah i am so hopeful to find which is your, which is mine don’t be afraid, i’m sure they shine side by side i will fly to the sun sure it won’t miss any fun and i’ll fill my balloon with it and back to earth i will bring it so everybody will get a smile and will hold it for a while and so will you
08 high grass field i got laid in a high grass field i just can’t remember the crack of dawn is coming on time to bring me its heat i think i’m gonna stay here for one or two hours just to listen to the crackling sounds of this new day
Puppet 04:19
09 puppet tears running down my face now you are gone will i remind your face sad as a saxophone all i lived is just a story you’ve written all i feel is just a now breakable chain all i keep is just a picture you’ve taken all i see is just a picture you’ve broken all you loved is just a picture you’ve stolen all i loved is just gone in a wave of hand all i hope is just to avoid some more pain all i long to is that story just reaches its end all i was is just a puppet in your hands


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Suite à la séparation du groupe post-rock 'un automne à Lob-Nor', Vincent NICOLAS décide de révèler ses travaux personnels sous le pseudonyme de bidibop.
Une première apparition sur les compilations du label Aspic Records dévoile une pop en équilibre fragile entre mélancolie et enchantement, construite à base de sons de vieux synthétiseurs.

C'est dans cette même voie que sort en mars 2005 son premier album sur le label belge Carte Postale Records (www.cartepostalerecords.be), dans lequel la musique de bidibop s'enrichie d'arrangements plus marqués.

Avec ce nouvel album, c'est encore une marche significative qui est franchie. Les sonoritées s'éclaircissent, tant par le déploiement de sons de guitares traitées que par une production plus affutée, comme pour mieux faire place à des mélodies toujours plus fleurissantes et auxquelles viennent se greffer un chant murmuré apaisant. Les 10 titres de 'merry-go-round' passent comme une douce journée printanière où rien ne saurait déranger la tranquilité ambiante.
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Merry Go Round
Optical Sound/www.optical-sound.com/

(pop electronique) CODA MAGAZINE

Tout dans Merry go Round, exprime l'amour de la mélodie bien faite et
exalte la nostalgie d'une époque où la pop régnait en maître (celle
des 60's, avec ses Zombies, Beach Boys et autre Sagitarius…) Et
pourtant, Merry go Round est bel et bien un pur disque de pop
électronique (et non pas d'electro pop, les spécialistes le savent, la
différence est de taille !), presque d'electronica ! Rêveuses et
aériennes les compositions de Vincent Nicolas, co-fondateur avec
Sébastien Roux, du groupe post-rock Un automne à Lob-Nor, louchent
aussi bien vers le shoegazzing 80 des Ride et autres My Bloody
Valentine que, plus près de nous, les comptines mélancolique d'un
DNTEL ou Hood ("Holiday"), voir les airs enjoués de Schneider tm.
Quelques noms lancés en l'air (mais nullement "au hasard") qui vous
donneront peut-être envie de découvrir le talent de Bidibop, car n'y
allons pas par quatre chemin, ce disque est certainement l'une des
meilleurs parutions à ce jour du label Optical Sound.. Vital. Max Renn


released March 23, 2006

all tracks composed and performed by vincent nicolas
maud sings on love whispers and puppet
thanks to:
you for getting this record, i hope you’ll have some good times with it,
pierre belouin for this release, claire & olivier at digital baobab,
sébastien roux for all his good advices and friendship, all the people
supporting my music, especially maud, frz, olivier, fred, thomas, jf,
my parents… love to all of you.
optical sound | records & fine arts
© 2006 bidibop and optical sound, os.014
graphic design: claire+olivier at digital baobab


all rights reserved



Optical Sound France

Optical Sound is a hybrid and atypical, furtive and mobile structure that draws its own boundaries between experimental music and contemporary art. Long before the musicians' exodus to the more inviting regions of the visual arts - record crisis compels and insatiable thirst for novelty - Optical Sound has been working since 1997 on interdisciplinary mixing

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