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Light Out In The Ghosting Hour (OS​.​032)

by Christophe Bailleau, Neal Williams, Philippe Franck, Niko Hafkenscheid

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Damien Daussin
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Damien Daussin a very good album but a download problem, i can't download it ...
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If you could hear me l’d tell you to rest But I’ve got not way to convey this and it’s Trouble; it burns what I know deep inside I’d rather to haunt cause there’s no need to hide Keeping to schedules and papers and books Fix yourself dearly to lie all alone Ask you his name and he’ll tell you its mine I’m all grown up now, you know that its time I’m allright, I just need a glance here and there Yo pretend I’m still in your life I’m ok, but I’d trade all these newfound powers For a night of real recognition Come no pretend that you’ve heard what I said These songs exist only inside my cold head To be inside where i’ll enjoy them in peace I wish to be heard and i wish to be
You break the rules For you’ve got a solid plan And you break the rules For you’ve got a promised land For me But I won’t insist at all You take your dreams Cause you’ve got a perfect plan And you make your dreams Come true in a promised land With me But I won’t insist at all
It can’t be the future everyday But I know I know The dark is not my friend Oh, Amazing sunshine It can’t be the future everyday But I know I know The dark is not my friend
Oh no, can’t sleep Up watching girl A golden veil Shrouded image Call me careful She seemed weary Now I feel so bleary-eyed Here and I Feel like the Peepingest Tom What does one do? Wandering through the ghosting hour I can grab, but I can’t see it No I can’t grab it or see it
Capuce 03:10
Happy lonely time Happy violent time Happy deathday! Happy rich times Happy poor times Happy global times Happy deathday! Happy grey time Glory! Happy! Happy! Happy memory Happy symphony Happy theory Happy psychiatry Happy happy day! Happy! Happy! Happy me
Tune into the TV, watch your favorite show I’ll be there Go shopping, buy some new clothes I’ll be there I’ll be there Go visit your parents, tell them you’re to wed I’ll be there Mention your ex-boyfriend, tell them he’s dead I’ll be there Thanks for the chance, thanks for the chance Thanks for the chance, thanks for the chance Look in the mirror, what is it you see? i’ll be there Up in the corner, like sunlight on steel i’ll be there
Resistance 02:01
No people Only wind Always here And never too late Green to red I paint the fear Red to grey I‘m angry from earth Now I’m slave to the sky Ask to the bees The secret of honey Could I marry the queen
Another ordeal To keep my introspections real Another place to heal To keep my memories under their seal And let them go on sleeping Before they run for me Before the golden sunset Before the golden sun Another ordeal To keep my retrospections real Another place to heal To keep my heartbreaks under their seal And let them go on sleeping Before they run for me Before the golden sunset Before the golden sun
Dans ma maison J’entends des voix Que j’ai connues avant Dans ma maison J’entends des voix que j’ai connues avant Dans ma maison Dans ma maison J’entends des voix


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Tous les morceaux de cet album de Christophe Bailleau d'une très grande richesse et profondeur, sont toujours en deux temps.
Un temps composé dans ses moindres détails et méandres sonores proche à ma connaissance des travaux de Michael Gira, un temps qui finit toujours par se dilater à mi parcourt pour revêtir des formes étranges et expérimentales tendant vers les meilleures recherches de groupes tel que Coil et ce n'est pas un hasard connaissant Christophe.
Voudrais-t-on essayer d'identifier cet opus et de le classer ou lui coller une étiquette que cela serait quasi impossible, et c'est ce que je recherche en général avec Optical Sound.
"Les hiboux ne sont pas ce que l'on croit" déclarait Dale Cooper dans Twin Peaks et c'est bien de cela dont il s'agit, Psychic Tv en reprenant des standarts pop tel que ceux des Beach Boys jouait sur l'ambiguité sucrée de ces suivants, une lecture sonore à multiples étages, strates et circonvolutions sonores qui tendent vers un chaos organisé d'une densité à faire exploser les neurones de la moindre personne attentive et ouverte à ce que l'on appelle aventures sonore.

Jack Nance
Paris - Octobre 08


Lights out in the ghostly house est le fruit de quatre voix et personnalités singulières (Neal Williams-USA, Philippe Franck, Niko Hafkenscheid, Christophe Bailleau-Belgique) invitées et mises en scène par Christophe Bailleau. Treize micro mondes s’enchaînent pour construire une architecture à géométrie variable qui intègre les accidents, les conjugaisons et les mutations dans un continuum organique. Onirique, impressionniste, mélancolique, psychédélique, scintillant, fulgurant,…pourraient qualifier sans le définir, cet arc-en-ciel du sensible.
Julien Delaunay
Bruxelles - Novembre 08


released November 25, 2008

Production : Christophe Bailleau
Christophe Ba illeau
Programmation, voice (tracks 4, 10),
guitar, percussions, melodica, synth,
vocoder, piano, noises
Neal Williams
Voice (tracks 2, 5, 8), banjo, guitar, bass,
melodica, drums, harmonica, organ,
Philippe Franck
Voice (tracks 7, 12), synth, guitar, vocoder
Niko Hafkenscheid
Voice (tracks 3, 11), guitar
Many thanks to : ...........

Graphic design : Olivier Huz (digitalbaobab.net)
Inlay Photograph featuring Small Neon Cube
(2005) by Jeppe Hein, courtesy Johann König,
Berlin and 303 Gallery, New York.

Avec le concours du ministère de la Culture
et de la Communication — DRAC Alsace

Christophe Bailleau
Neal Williams
Philippe Franck
Niko Hafkenscheid
4 x 1 human voice… 1
connector / producer… 13
micro universes… 13 sonic
2009 dreams, stars, sparks,
encounters, travellings…
Extensions of the mind /
heart / body / soul…
Sunrise / sunset… Horizons…
Accidents… Passages… Hear /
watch the ghostly hour ****
Julien Delaunay, United
States of Europe, 11.25.08


all rights reserved



Optical Sound France

Optical Sound is a hybrid and atypical, furtive and mobile structure that draws its own boundaries between experimental music and contemporary art. Long before the musicians' exodus to the more inviting regions of the visual arts - record crisis compels and insatiable thirst for novelty - Optical Sound has been working since 1997 on interdisciplinary mixing

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